Open PS2 Loader on PS2 Fat HDD

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OPL Open PS2 Loader is a boot loader or games that can be used to play games from External Hard Drive (USB Game) and Internal Hard Drive (HDD Game).

now,in this post we will try to discuss about the OPL using external hard drive or hard drive that uses USB as the connection interface hard drive to PS2 fat or slim.

To use the Open PS2 Loader version 0.8 beta (and final version of the current 0.8 release) on PS2, where the hard disk format (FAT or FAT32) and how to install a hard drive on the PS2 here's how to install games onto an external hard drive (with USBUtil), the same way that we done on the use USBAdvance already described in previous posts, so for that matter, please ,just look at previous posts for USBAdvance which could also apply to Open PS2 Loader.

Having a problem installing the hard drive and the game is clear, then the next to run the Open PS2 Loader, when running USBAdvance same way as already described in previous posts, where to run it requires MC Boot (Free mcboot).

And OPL can be run either on the PS2 that had been taking a modchip (modbo, matrix, messia, M2, etc) or not (original PS2 chip).

Once Open PS2 Loader v 0.8 beta on the PS2 is booting, then the next to the supporting installation as follows:

For the purposes of display Open PS2 Loader, then the external hard drive made some folders to accommodate the various needs support from the OPL, and create a folder can be done via the windows explorer and linux (PC), can also be done on the PS2 (with Ulaunchelf), and between the folder is :




  • APPS is the folder to store applications such as UlaunchELF PS2, Codebreaker, Emulator games, SMS, etc.
  • ART is the folder to store the cover images, icons, games and background.
  • THM is the folder to store the various themes OPL.
  • VMC is a virtual file folder to store the MC.
As for the settings of the files can be stored on the memorycard OPL, that can also be stored on a external hard drive  (for OPL revision that supports read detailed changelog).

So ... if OPL setting stored in external hard drive, then when seen on the PS2 using ulaunch (path mass: /) after the game and some of his supporters already installed, it will load some files,like :

ul.xxxxxxxx.ID Game.xx

explaination :

  • APPS, ART, THM, VMC, a folder with the purpose as noted above.
  • conf_apps.cfg is the configuration of the application on the PS2.
  • conf_compatibility.cfg is a configuration that contains the settings of each game.
  • conf_opl.cfg is the configuration of the main settings OPL .
  • conf_vmc.cfg is a configuration that contains the settings for using a virtual MC in every game.
  • ul.xxxxxxxx.ID Game.xx are the files of the game after it is installed on an external hard drive, where for one game usually consists of 1 to 4 files.
  • ul.cfg dan ul-old.cfg is a configuration list of games that are installed in external harddisk.

in order for the first time OPL run directly read the list of games on my hard drive externalnya, then on Settings, set the following
USB device start mode = Auto
Start device = USB Games

As for other settings, adjust to the interests of each user.

After the settings finished, then the next step is to press OK and save settings.

Restart the OPL and OPL as bootable, it will detect your settings are saved in the first MC, and if not found, then the next would read the settings stored diharddisk externalnya OPL, and after the setting has been successfully read, then the next all the games and applications (if any) installed on an external hard drive will be displayed in the menu OPL.

Select the item title and play ....



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